I already had a few months, noticing scarcity, “When I combed my hair without being completely dry, it was appreciated.” So, I cut the hair,  I was in despair because I didn’t see improvement, so I decided to look for other alternative. As the first solution less harmful to the health, I chose to acquire the generic Kirkland, but my efforts weren’t giving results and before the capillary loss was increasing.

Finally I decided to begin a treatment with hair doctors, that was consisting in grafting hair and this way to do the preparation for the restoration folicular. From six months, my family and friends began to estimate the results. To choose HairDoctors for the recovery of my hair was the best decision that I took, undoubtedly I recommend it.


  • Henry

    (Federal Court Translator Germany)

    “I live in Germany 20 years ago. Every winter, like Christmas, I try to go visit my mom to Medellin. What I have done these last three trips is that before coming to the house of my mother, I spend where Sergio for me to wear hair. the first time in the entries which were already quite noticeable, the second time the eyebrows, because the longer wanted and populated. Last time beard and sideburns. it is best if the abuse is at least my mom looks as if the surgery had been open heart. Not yet next year I’m going to do, but I recommend it for the patience and all means, by the results.“

  • Juan C

    (DJ, Marketing, Spain)

    “I’m waiting to tell me when I can go again to end up the toil of my cocorota”Although I have long hair again, as you have seen in the photos, I think what I did was a success, but I want more! Is that the hair is like money every time you want one more. Let me know to buy the flight ticket Many kisses and hugs “

  • Lenin L. Sucre

    “Dear Dr. Camacho: Greetings from Panama! I wanted to comment that the Facial implants (goatee) are going well after 6 Months. Think I’ll be in Bogota at the end of August, if I have the opportunity I’ll go and visit you, prior coordination. Many greetings!“

  • Dr. Pablo

    (Psychiatrist NY)

    “I just arrived in New York and everything related to you goes smoothly. Please send my thanks and affectionate greetings to all your attendees. They were of extreme kindness and honestly felt treated like a king. I would like to post a flyer on a blog recommending your services, because really I have many comments to make, of course all very positive. It’ll let you know. For now gets a hug.“

  • Jaime Duenas E. Montaño

    (Social Communications)

    “After reading a lot on the Internet and analyze the options that were in Bogotá, I decided for Hair Doctors, because it was the institution that gave me more confidence. Although I was distrustful, not because of you, but because of the area to cover was a very big scar on the scalp, there was only skin( … ) Today, seven months after the implant, I can tell that I’m Satisfied( … ) I want to formally thank you for encouraging me to proceed with the implant, the professional and friendly way of how you and your team made the procedure and, off course, For the Good results obtained.”

  • Jhon

    (Limousine Driver, NY)

    “I am more than grateful to you, since the procedure have achieved a very satisfactory indeed, grateful to God for putting him in my way, I would be a bridge to help others like me have suffered this scourge so uncomfortable and harmful for life. Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation and best wishes for you and your entire team. “

  • Nelson Aceros

    (Petroleum Engineer)

    “Thanks to you now I have another way to keep my profession and high self-esteem, plus the success of your surgery was the great performance I had, following the recommendations of the postoperative, nutritious and healthy food led me to get the results you are watching. Dr. SERGIO, thank you for what you did for me, God continue to bless you and fill you with much success, you deserve it.“

  • Carlos

    (Korean War Veteran)

    “Just to thank you for all your help, for my wife and me, you do feel like VIP and that makes it easy for you as for me so I was calm because I’m usually a little impatient sometimes, but fence with you that last good thing to have people like you! Thanks for everything and please do not change! God bless me. Thank you thank you very much. “



Colombia Army


His appreciation to Doctor:




In gratitude for their invaluable dedication, perseverance, work, and the mystique that Neatness and professionalism has been developing as momentous contribution towards raising the morale, Colombia Army fighter



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Every day in the office ask us, that if you serve?

“In that so-and Soho, as is called?, Who underwent a transplant and it did no pa, no … and the surgeon who operated it until famous … I’m afraid to look bad and also lose the talk, which is so hard to get … ”

What is the real story behind the poet Jack Mario Arbelaez and surgeries. After the agreement between him, the magazine Soho and the surgeon Ernesto Andrade, everyone expected a resounding success: The patient hair like Elvis, in his words, the magazine a progressive history of success and the surgeon a bald tail in the outside his clinic. But none of this happened, everything was a fiasco and all lost. Why?

For technical errors during the procedure. I was not there, but seeing photos of the magazine show a sum of mistakes that are typical of the inexperienced in the art. Large grafts, planted with many spaces, too rounded hairline, a traumatic removal of the donor tissue, to say the least and improper handling of the grafts in the case of the poet died by simple dehydration.

When we saw these articles, decrying the practice of hair transplants, with obvious reasons, several specialists will call to offer our services.

I offered a transplant with a natural and lifelong.

Dr. Rene Rodriguez, excellent dermatologist, surgeon and good friend, offered him more than us. Leave a transplant well done, but also sembrarle long hair, so that the end of the surgery and see the result is “final”. And so, after many hours of that day and many months we can say that the result of exposure, and thus managed to have the photos ready for your last article in the magazine and also serve as a case study on the cover of its website. Congratulations to both!

However there are several aspects that do not share. Sow long hair is much more costly (note that took more than 15 hours in the procedure, while few are willing to endure, the more risk tangling the hair and go and sadly as the poet says “happiness is flowerone day, “as it is known that the stems or the whisker seed falls to the few days that does not justify the risk.

The good news is that a few weeks comes a definitive and permanent hair is worth noting that it should not matter who sows, does not fall, it was taken from the occipital region, zone genetically resistant to the hormone to dihydrotestosterone, the cause of these evils.

If you are considering surgery, find a specialist who only engaged in this (Dr Rodriguez’s group and ours are the only accredited by the ISHRS in Colombia) If you had surgery and was not as wanted, do not be discouraged, hopefully, the consultation is free!


Our patients have come from around the world