Corrective Surgery

In almost all cases, it is possible to reverse the misfortunes of a bad transplant. The poor patients with locks, doll hair or ‘corn rows’ have the option of achieving a more natural appearance.

It is also possible to repair this work with hair lines or irregularly lower limits of previous transplants. It removed the ‘tufts’ of hair, divided and replanted under magnification.


Hairdoctors Trasplante

Transplant Before and After Corrective Surgery


If the patient has enough tissue donor (the only requirement for a correction), can be transplanted follicular units of hair around these strands and thus ‘dissolve that image unnatural’, obtaining excellent results.

Hairdoctors Trasplante

Transplant  Before and After Corrective Surgery
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¿Why Does not Look Natural?

Whether self and hair grow at the same rate as the rest and have the same color and texture, do not look natural for 4 main reasons:

1. Large grafts late

2. No irregularities hairline normal

3. Distance between each implant very large (low density)

4. Unnatural growth direction.

Hairdoctors Trasplante

Transplant Before and After Corrective Surgery


The front lines too ‘perfect’ without the natural irregularities of a smooth implementation can leave a more natural result.

There are different degrees of ‘Bad Transplants’, but all devastating for the patient and / or their loved ones.

If unfortunately was misled by a “specialist” that guaranteed a wonderful result, at very low cost or has not yet been operated but are promising that in two or three short hours you do everything without pain test of many similar results appropriate, BEWARE.

Avoid having to go through the painful experience of a botched surgery. And if it’s too late, not depressed, here in HairDoctors do these corrective treatment as gently as possible especially considering that the follicles are not unlimited and not money.