Eyebrow Transplant

With HairDoctors are a reality. Successful reconstruction depends on the skill of the surge on to recreate the natural angle and orientation of each follicle, the precise location and the use of thinner grafts with a single hair follicular unit.”The direction and angle of the eyebrow change depending on the distance from the midline, which is crucial in restoring”


cejasThey are one of the key features of the face iimportantes. Just lose some of them to get attention.Many people seek support in micro-pigmentation or permanent delineated, causing permanent damage.  An eyebrow transplant can return the beauty and symmetry to your face, highlighting her eyes and eyelashes.

■ The eyebrows may be lost by:

1. Inheritance2. Hormonal changes (childbirth, contraceptives)
3. Diseases (thyroid, infections, Leprosy)
4. Excess pigmentation and Makeup
5. Traumatic
6. Drug
7. Areata

■ Eyebrow surgery is characterized by:

1. Auto grafts used (no rejection, 100% growth)2. Local Anesthesia
3. An outpatient procedure with minimal disability
4. Permanent
5. Natural
6. To be natural units should be used one-hair follicular unit and follow the directions and angles of their growth.


More Information about the Procedure▼

So that should be used is natural follicular units one hair per unit and follow the directions and angles of growth.extraction follicles, as transplants for baldness, can be extracted by the method of strip or single extraction. Remember that planting with both techniques is the same.This procedure is also performed on men and is fashionable. What many patients do hair implants is to use your head to be in the same meeting of the eyebrows.

■ Indication

1. When you have few eyebrows by inheritance and want to increase the density2. When you want to change the layout (lengthen, or upload engrosarlas)

3. For scars

4. By tattoos or piercings

5. To repopulate when they lost by disease or drugs



Prepare the area where the grafts are taken

With local anesthesia and after aseptic area, proceed to remove a strip of scalp from May 3 cm long and 0.5 to 1 inch wide (or number of follicles required when extracted with FUE). Edges sutured in two planes.

The extracted strip is divided to separate microscopic hair hair grafts to the eyebrows.
The holes must carry the precise angle and exact address to make real natural results.

Preparation of the recipient site

Areas where they will implement is anesthetized and the holes are made with superfine punches.

On average, for the total rebuilding of an eyebrow need between 100 and 250 follicular units.


Follicle implant

Once the holes are implanted into each follicle of a unit. The only hard graft in the angle at which the incision was left in place ensuring the correct angle.

The day after surgery there may be a slight swelling in the eyelids that is transient. On the second day the outer edge of the follicle dries a tiny scab that falls in the first week. It is recommended these days against the sun, the wind own hands and therefore we recommend using large glasses.

After Reconstruction Brow follicular units is customary to control a week to remove the stitches.

The stem of the follicle (or one sees hair usually falls during the first month after surgery, but the root lies under the skin is what allows hair growth seeing the final results between 6and 10 months.