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Doctor Sergio Camacho

Doctor Sergio Gabriel Camacho Ospina – Hair Transplant

Dr. Sergio Gabriel Camacho Ospina

Our Medical Director and founder is a Medical Surgeon who graduated from the Universidad El Bosque in Bogota, Colombia and Troy University in Alabama, USA. With over twelve years experience in the field using the technique of follicular transplants and more than 2000 procedures, nine years as Surgeon General and 22 years as Surgeon, Dr. Camacho has managed to combine and refine the science and hair art to recreate a natural, functional, permanent and unique to each patient.

Dr. Camacho is a graduate of undergraduate and graduate Forest University and worked as a surgeon in several cities worldwide including Boston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Mexico, Santiago and Bogota. It is also an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons-ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) since 2007.


HairDoctors is the first clinic in Colombia specializing exclusively in hair transplants. We offer safe procedures, guarantee, friendly and completely natural results. We have so far satisfaction of 100%.

We offer the best possible result at a fair price, always with a friendly management, confidential and reliable, following quality standards. A barrier-free communication with our physicians and their continued availability, allow you to always have with us.
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Hairdoctors Restauración folicular
Our clinic is located in the best neighborhood in the city and has two large operating rooms fully equipped for your comfort and safety.

We provide a photographic record of over 1000 cases where you can see the quality of our work. Thanks to the satisfaction of our patients, we have authorized them to display your photos here show results are as real and natural, that why not say: They are simply spectacular.
We operated on patients from five continents. We are experts in all these details to consider when it comes from outside. (Hotel, transportation, safety, changes, lunch, etc). We speak several languages.

HairDoctors Inc. assures all patients that each graft will grow. If not, replace such grafts without any cost or if you prefer the refund.Just ask the patient to follow our instructions and contact postsurgical programmed controls.
Was removed several years off, you can participate in physical activities without the risk of uncomfortable situations. The pleasure of having permanent natural hair at the site it is.


Hairdoctors Restauración folicular

We are a group of doctors and nurses with several years of experience dedicated exclusively to hair transplants. We work to make this experience successful, pleasant and safe. With more than 2000 procedures (500 in Colombia), and a 100% satisfaction so far, we can guarantee the result, without fear of error.
Many patients continue to visit us and communicating to tell all the results and positive changes since we visited. We want to know and share our experiences.

We want to meet you and share your experience.

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  1. Specialists in this Surgery
  2. Instruments (fine, precise and safe)
  3. All professionals are graduates
  4. IPS formally established and authorized by the secretary of health. Inc. registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota.
  5. Available 24/7
  6. Exclusive dedication (one patient at a time)
  7. Certificates ISHRS
  8. Fair prices
  9. Warranty

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