Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)


Biostimulation with capillary growth factors

This treatment is done by obtaining blood from the patient to remove growth factors that platelets possess. These platelets are mixed with a series of amino acids that help form the hair and hyaluronic acid are suspended. These growth factors are injected into the scalp and fixed to the hair follicle which acts up to 6 months.

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Platelets are fragments of blood cells that aid in the clotting process and which are also a natural source of multiple growth factors. When platelets are activated to a specific stimulus, release of these growth factors. It is a safe treatment of disease transmission, as it is your own blood (autologous).

It is used as a complement to hair transplant surgery because:

  • The donor area becomes less visible scars
  • Stimulates hair growth (angiogenesis or new blood vessels and regulates the release of factors from other cells )
  • Prolongs the anagen or growth phase of the hair follicle
  •  Duplicates speed hair growth
  • Stimulates collagen growth which increases the size of the hair fiber
  • Intensifies hair color
  • Increases capillary density in treated areas
  • It has benn proven in many other medical specialties showing statistically significant results . cardiac surgery, oral surgery, reconstructive surgery , orthopedic fractures and tendon injuries , burns, skin ulcers and other
  • Accelerates the healing process ( stimulated mitogenesis by increasing the number of cells involved in tissue repair .
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Percent from graft survival
  • Shortens the period of rest the follicle accelerate the repopulation of the area sown
  • It is the only treatment that controls the active hair loss in less than a month. Changes begin to be felt between the 6-12 week. The hair will look brighter with better color and thicker. These results improve further if the same treatment in men and women is periodically repeated.



The technique of platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, also known as “biostimulation with autologous plasma rich in growth factors,” the blood is centrifuged to separate the liquid portion (plasma) of the “solid” part of the cells. Applying the fraction of platelet rich plasma into a patient’s own tissue promotes regeneration and stimulates their growth.



  • The initial step involves removing blood from the patient, in the same way that a blood test is routinely obtained with a simple tap into a vein.
  • Subsequently, the extracted blood is centrifuged to separate the fraction of platelet-rich plasma from other parts of the blood that does not interest us .
  • Having isolated and platelet rich plasma (PRP ) , must be activated by the application of calcium chloride to the platelets release growth factors .
  • After that, the solution consisting of PRP and growth factors is aspirated with a syringe and small drops, micro injections in the treatment area .


Total process takes about 30 minutes , and the infiltration of PRP and growth factors in the treatment area is very painful . However, you may be attenuated even bother applying topical anesthetic previously . The treatment requires no preparation, and after the procedure the patient can lead a normal life , no rest and no special measures being necessary .


Plasma rich in growth factors began as one of the newest tools in regenerative medicine and cosmetic surgery around 80, using anti-aging mesotherapy or repair cash acne scars and stretch marks.

is a completely safe procedure, since the PRP and growth factors used are autologous, ie, the patient (patient’s blood is withdrawn and sent to apply a portion of his own blood rich in growth factors ). Growth factors are specific to each individual tissue, which makes this system a personalized treatment, avoiding the risk of infection or allergic reactions without contraindications.

Treatment is fully compatible with other treatments for alopecia as minoxidil or finasteride.



To obtain (PRP ) performed the blood collection and centrifugation of the blood for about 8 minutes at 1800 rpm. Subsequently, the plasma is separated into three fractions which take 0.5 cc immediately above the red series is the richest fraction in platelets and growth factors.

There are several types of FC and they are endogenous mediators that modify cellular responses to a given stimulus and cell cycle control. They are able to increase cellular metabolism stimulating tissue regeneration and healing. Stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and proteoglycans. Has an important antigen activity.

Treating alopecia use the PRP injected intradermally or subdermally.

Consecutive sessions of infiltration is accomplished accelerate and enhance the natural process of tissue repair, including the hair follicles. Gradually new blood vessels are formed and the anabolic function of cells reactivated with a consequent increase in the production of elastin and collagen.

Recommended one session per month for three consecutive months. Depending on the results, it is advisable to repeat some maintenance session at six months.

Applied to the donor site PRP improves healing and probably results from scarring of the donor area. As a non-surgical treatment for patients, has been shown to slow the process of hair loss in 32% of patients with androgenetic alopecia.

HairDoctors offer this treatment as adjunctive therapy or as isolated transplant treatment.