Tattoos are used primarily in disguise scars and seek drawing by imitation color and hair direction.

Capillary micropigmentation is a technique that involves the implementation of specific pigments epidermal level, achieving an optical simulation hairline on the scalp. Differences between micropigmentation and tattooing are many, but come the following:

– The pigment in micropigmentation is a natural pigment that does not change color. (In the conventional tattoo color changes with time and with the sun).
– In the hair micropigmentation needle more than 2 or 3mm is not sinking. (In traditional tattoo needle sink between 6 and 8 mm)
– In the capillary effect is semi-permanent micropigmentation (In tattooed is permanent)
– The artistic detail and refinement of the “drawing” is what makes the difference and naturalness.
– With the hair micropigmentation is achieved camouflage scars, tickets and give an effect of higher density in areas with decreased capillary.
– An interesting option in cases where the donor area is insufficient.
– The results are immediate.
– You may see a slight redness that disappears within a couple of days.


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