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In HairDoctors continually refine our techniques of hair restoration and provide best results to our patients. We tested different manual techniques and motorized FUE (FUE). The result was in favor of the SAFE system compared with other techniques available in the market for procedures FUE. Since then, we have been using the SAFE system in most of our surgeries FUE.This is a relatively new device for minimally invasive procedures. The system has proven SAFE lower transaction rate (cutting follicles below the skin) so it can obtain a greater number of follicles well. A great advantage of this equipment is that the mini punch (tip as a micro hollow tube) is that it is dull and not cutting edge, so minimizing damage when removing hair follicles.


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What type of patients benefit from FUE? 

The main advantage of FUE is not causing a linear scar, and therefore is particularly useful for the following types of patients:

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1. Patients have to   their hair very short (<1 cm) and the military. If a patient has a shaved head, a linear scar may be noticeable even if it is very thin.

With FUE is very difficult to see the incisions even with short hair, but still, there is the possibility that some white dots or spots are noticed. This result is less likely if the punch of the appropriate size is used and the number of extractions in a specific area is kept below a critical amount.

2. Young patients who currently need only a small number of grafts in the scalp and the future degree of hair loss is not known. Some patients in this situation say that if hair loss progresses at the top of the head, shave the hair prefer to undergo more surgeries to keep up with the loss.

3. Patients who have been operated on with the technique of the strip and want another surgery but I have a tight scalp, which would hamper the extraction of a new strip.

4. Patients who need to camouflage a linear scar above procedures.


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Limitations of Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE

The main limitation of the FUE compared to FUT (strip), is that it is less efficient in harvesting hair. In FUT, the band is taken from the middle region of the donor, then the strip is removed and the wound edges are sutured.

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In FUE, hair is removed from the skin, so the surgeon must leave enough hair in that area to cover the scalp of the other donors. Therefore, it is considerably less total available donor hair. This represents a significant disadvantage because of limited donor supply is the main factor that prevents full recovery of hair in many patients.

To compensate for the inability to remove all the hair from the donor area, the surgeon can get to remove hair from the upper and lower margins of the original donor area and the risk is that the hair belongs to those areas is poor or not is permanent.

In FUE wounds, though small, are left open to heal, leaving hundreds of thousands of small scars. Although it may not be obvious.

FUE also involves more labor, time and money because you can get many fewer grafts in one session, compared with the traditional strip technique.

In addition, not all patients are candidates for the procedure. Patients not differ significantly with respect to the ease with which the follicular unit can be removed from the scalp. In some patients, the grafts can be extracted with little or no transaction (damage due to cut hair follicles). In other cases, the withdrawal transaction produces unacceptable levels. In recent years, improved techniques and instrumentation have improved the ability to extract grafts more easily with little or no damage.


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Incisions and transplants

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Follicles extracted with FUE method follicles on the left and the method extridos shoots right.


What is the FOX test?

This test attempts to draw some follicular units to the system WAS SAFE or other biopsy device. Harvested grafts are examined microscopically to ensure that the follicular units are intact before proceed with greater FUE session. The test is positive if units can be removed intact without transection. Follicle angle, length or fibrous connective tissue may hinder or even prevent the extraction method.

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• No linear scar is (important for those who want to wear their hair very short)
• Decreased healing time
• Decreased pain at the donor site
• It is useful for those prone to scarring (Asians)
• Ideal for repairing donor scars from previous surgeries
• Create the ability to capture body hair and beard
• It is useful in certain young patients who only need small number of grafts


• The maximum graft yield is lower than with transplanting follicular units
• Distortion of the initial FUE makes subsequent FUE difficult
• Greater potential for follicular transaction (damage) than FUT
• Ability to mark with a jagged scar in the donor area after a greater number of grafts have been captured
• It takes longer and is therefore more expensive
• The grafts are thinner with less tissue protection and therefore more susceptible to trauma.
• It gives much attention and time to the donor site to the recipient area sometimes does not receive the attention it deserves.



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